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Transmedia Storytelling around the World: J. C. Hutchins

Stephen King's Dark Score Stories

The award-winning fiction and nonfiction storyteller J.C. Hutchins answered our questions about „Why Transmedia?“ Yes, this time successful New Media storytelling pioneer and marketer J. C. Hutchins took the time and told us his view on Transmedia Storytelling. With more than 15 years of professional writing epxerience, his two novels – 7th Son: Descent and Personal Effects: Dark Art – …

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Transmedia Storytelling Around the World: Karine Halpern

7 Transmedia Families CardGame

Interview with digital and cultural communications consultant Karine Halpern about Transmedia Storytelling , especially in France, and the question “Why Transmedia?”- Karine Halpern is a digital and cultural communications consultant, former filmmaker, writer and producer from France who has been creating crossmedia content for international cooperation governmental agencies. She has been conducting independent experimental work since the 90s, has made …

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